I am afflicted by affluenza, and to be honest, I’m not worried about it.

Sustainability can be defined as “the ability or capacity of something to maintain itself by taking what we have now without jeopardising the potential for people in the future to meet their needs”

 Introduction – just a briefing on how serious the issue is and how lightly it is sometimes taken by society

By living in a sustainable manner, we will be confident in knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy a similar quality of life as we do currently. Unfortunately we are living in an age where sustainability does not take precedence.

An obvious example of how we are not sustainable is us using up the planets fossil fuels so we can produce fuel and materials. This is linked to our attitude of always wanting more – which is attributed to the disease Affluenza by consumerism critics.

For me, personally, I am to a certain extent certainly afflicted by Affluenza but not extensively. I’m proud to value the non-materialistic qualities in life such as inter-personal relationships and the appreciation of cultures. However, I can’t deny that I also value the physical objects in my life, which is where I have to disagree with the statement as I do find it a worrying matter. When one thinks about it, virtually everything we have in our life has been made in a factory using the earth’s resources which we have very likely bought from a shop. This means at the top of our list of life priorities along with our family and friends, we as a society put factory made, characterless objects which are owned by millions of people. In a way this can be considered boring and impersonal so it is better to put our values on non-materialistic qualities. If one was to imagine a world without anything made in a factory we would be sat naked in a field with only the flora and fauna and other people to accompany us. That is how much our society is governed by materialism. Of course, there is a happy medium but in my view the majority of the western population has gone well over that line, indulging ourselves in consumerism.

What are your values?

People are spending more time at work so they can earn more money so they can buy more things which they may not necessarily need. This is lowering the amount of time parents spend with their family and other life enjoyments which you don’t need to pay for but which last longer. This situation has caused many children to lose a fatherly figure for a major part of their lives.

“Consumerism has created a culture which values style over substance, image over reality, and perception over performance”

-Skye Jethani



2 thoughts on “I am afflicted by affluenza, and to be honest, I’m not worried about it.

  1. Our society may be governed by materialism, but do you not think this is a necessity to give value to things around us, it allows trade and communication between people. I think that a certain amount of materialism is important if it can be managed sustainably and we continue to make more products recyclable etc. It becomes a problem when people buy things like upgrading their phones when the old one is perfectly operational.


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